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Shows you my collection of Japanese toys and candies etc.
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Edible Stuff
Kracie DIY Food Stuff meiji DIY Food Stuff glico DIY Food Stuff
DIY treats Meal Mama Renji
Alice in Wonderland Recipe 番外編 Heart Food Stuff
Random Stuff Diet Food 準備中

Inedible Stuff
Konapun RE-MENT miniature Dollhouse
Mini clay demo Fancy Goods Decoden, Whipple

FanArt Fanpage Collaboration
RRcherrypie Biosketch 準備中 準備中

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★RRcherrypie does not have a Twitter / Instagram / facebook etc. YouTube and FC2 is the only website I have and the other is fake. You can see the verbal abuse by Twitter impostor. We reported it to Twitter Inc. again and again. But Twitter Inc. never deletes the impostor.★

New subscribers continue to ask me "is it your Twitter?"
We put this video to announce that "it is an imposter," instead of replying individually. We would put this video until Twitter Inc. deletes the impostor.

RRcherrypie Group
★I don't tell anonymous people my personal info because the impostor tries to pretend to be me. I heard that the impostor asks kids' personal info. RRcherrypie never asks your personal info. Be careful. And RRcherrypie does not have an online store. We will not be responsible or liable for any damages that may result from the impostor.★

I hope you enjoy my videos even though you don't know who I really am. My English is not great, and I may make many mistakes. So, please be patient with me. I don't normally reply individually to every single person, but I'm reading your comments! Thank you!

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RRcherrypie YouTube Channel RRcherrypie FC2 blog


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