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Kracie - popin' cookin', happy kitchen 

Brand: Kracie
Answers your question.
Q). What temperature water does it require when making the candy?
A). Room temperature water.

popin cookin #1 - Pizza, spaghetti shaped candy
pizza, spaghetti candy

popin cookin #2 - Soft Ice cream shaped candy
soft ice cream candy

popin cookin #3 - Sushi shaped candy (grape flavor)
sushi candy

popin cookin #4 - Ramen, jiaozi shaped candy
ramen, jiaozi candy

popin cookin #5 - Bento shaped candy kit
candy bento

popin cookin #6 - Oekaki gummy land
gummy candy

popin cookin #7 - Nerikyan Land (Candy)
nerikyan land

popin cookin #8 - Crepe shaped candy
crepe candy

popin cookin #9 - Curry and rice, croquette shaped treats
curry, croquette treats

popin cookin #10 - Waffle cafe
waffle candy

popin cookin #11 - Takoyaki
takoyaki snack

popin cookin #12 - Coloring activity candy
coloring activity candy

popin cookin #13 - Ramen, jiaozi shaped candy (updated ver.)
ramen, jiaozi candy

popin cookin #14 - Purin parfait
purin parfait

popin cookin #15 - Okosama lunch
okosama lunch

happy kitchen #1 - Doughnut shaped candy
doughnut candy

happy kitchen #2 - Cupcakes

happy kitchen #3 - Soft cookies
soft cookies

happy kitchen #4 - Mini burger and french fries kit
burger, french fries, cola

happy kitchen #5 - Decoration cake Kit
decoration cake

happy kitchen #6 - Pizza
pizza candy

happy kitchen #7 - Taiyaki and odango
taiyaki, dango

Other DIY candies from Kracie.


Panda shaped dango kit
panda dango

Gummy candy tree making kit
gummy candy tree

Chocolate cornet kit

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